MUSIC: Migos – Versace


When I first heard this song back in May I fell in love; it’s gloriously stupid in a way that brings me back to such classic hip-hop ‘So bad it’s good’ moments like “Back That Thang Up” and anything by the Ying Yang Twins. So after it’s been bubbling up all summer (including getting played at the ACTUAL Versace Fashion week show in Milan) we finally have a video release. They wisely went with the original version without Drake which finds a way to double down on its stupidity with a whole 16 bar verse using only the word…wait for it…Versace.

This video is great in the way rap videos used to be before money fell out in the industry. We’ve got the best models that JC Penny can buy rocking as much Versace knockoffs as their budget allows. We’ve got one of the Migos walking with a leopard as a pet. They are balling out in an awesome looking mansion, and manage to even try to throw in a Donatella Versace buried deep in the video.