MUSIC: Da Mafia 6ix feat. Yelawolf video – Go Hard


Ahh, Trap music. I remember when you were just a little baby kicking and screaming in the baby carriage. I remember when your parents, Three 6 Mafia, helped nurture you from the “Southern rap sucks.” phase of hip-hop elitism to winning an Oscar and even crossing over to dance music.

I remember during all those years, like in many families, there was plenty of infighting. Nothing major, but it seemed when the reunions would roll around people like uncle Crunchy Black and auntie Gangsta boo wouldn’t show up. Then suddenly your parents DJ Paul and Juicy J got divorced. It seemed pretty amicable; looked like Juicy J wanted to go experience things on his own. But I always hoped your parents would always get back together. While Juicy J is still out there doing his own thing, it looks like this current reunion is what anybody would have hoped for with pretty much all of your uncles and auntie showing up for this one. Looks like you invited your white cousin over too.