MUSIC: Cam’ron – Ghetto Heaven Vol 1

by Reginald Duvivier


While his peers from the late ’90’s early ’00 rap era have either settled into the business side, moved into the retired stage of rapping, or become reality TV show fodder, Cam’ron manages to stay on the outskirts and avoid all of that. Since his crew the Diplomats broke up he’s become a cult rapper…popping up for guest appearance and mixtapes here and there. What’s funny is that the secret to his longevity is that despite all the hood braggadocio at the core of the Cam’ron mystique is a entertaining weirdo I mean, while the rest of us were posting horribly edited Vine videos of cats look at the mini-epic he was doing.

YouTube Preview Image

Looks like the quarter of ’13 is going to be Cam’ron heavy. He’s got a internet television show entitled “1st Of the Month” which looks like it’s going to follow in the same ratchet footsteps as his past hood movies. But most importantly, we’ve got new music! His new mixtape dropped, Ghetto Heaven, dropped and it’s filled with a surprisingly spry Cam’ron. You can download here and check out him rap over Mary J. Blige’s classic “My Life”

YouTube Preview Image