FOOD: Midtown Gets Its Very Own Food Market at Broadway Bites

Broadway Bites Exterior 2

Madison Square Eats may be gone for the season, and it’s not yet time for the Columbus Circle and Union Square holiday markets, but UrbanSpace has brought yet another pop-up food market to NYC.  This time, they’re partnering with the 34th Street Partnership and setting up shop at Herald Square with Broadway Bites.

Being that it’s not exactly outdoor eating season, many vendors will focus on warm comfort food, and even items such as cold pressed juices that will help city-dwellers boost their immune systems for the upcoming months.  Many Madison Square Eats vendors will be present, such as Roberta’s and Bar Suzette, but there will also be a few new faces, such as Bantam Bagels and Gorilla Coffee.  I am just about the biggest anti-Midtown girl out there, but since Midtown tends to favor chains, I’m excited to see what these vendors can bring to the area.

bantam and gorilla

We got a chance to catch up with Elyse of Bantam Bagels, and here’s what she has to say on their participation in Broadway Bites: “UrbanSpace is known for hosting markets with some of the best food vendors in the country and we feel honored to be able to sell next to some of the biggest and most delicious food powerhouses out there.  Our concept is made for the person who is too busy to put up with the time and mess associated with eating bagels. We jumped at the opportunity to participate in this market in particular, because it allows us to sell our bagel balls to the truly “on the go” crowd. There’s hardly another place in the world where people are bustling and moving as quickly as 34th Street in NYC! It is our hope that our mini bagel balls can bring a smile to the faces of our busy crowd and change the way they bagel forever.”

Darleen of Gorilla Coffee also adds: “Days away from opening our second location, we felt the timing was impeccable to test the Manhattan market. As we continue to grow our business it is vitally important for us to know our customers; so we decided to put this to sensibility to practice and open up a pop-up shop at the first annual Broadway Bites.”

We can’t wait to see what they’ve got going on at Broadway Bites.  It’s already open, so make sure you check it out!  Broadway Bites is located at 33rd Street between Broadway and Sixth Avenue, and will be open daily 11am-9pm until Sunday, November 24th.  See you there!

[Photos courtesy of Erica Gianchetti]