FOOD: Longing for BBQ and Tex Mex – Cowgirl BBQ

cowgirl1I recently ventured to the wild west to the land of nachos and frito pies.  One of the most popular spots in downtown Santa Fe, NM, in the historic Guadalupe district, is Cowgirl BBQ. With its outdoor patio and Billard parlor, the Cowgirl BBQ is a gathering spot for locals and tourists alike, and is a welcome space to sit and watch for celebrities who are part of the city’s burgeoning filmmaking industry.

The Cowgirl BBQ takes its cue from the original Cowgirl Hall of Fame restaurant settled in NYC’s West Village, which was inspired by the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Museum in Hereford, Texas. The walls of the Cowgirl BBQ are proudly adorned with photos and stories of the lesser-documented historical figures of the west, who herded cattle and tended ranch just as dutifully as their male counterparts; with all of this unsung women’s history around, the place feels a little feminist! But, back to the food.

As a gluten-free traveler, I’m always weary of my dining options. But the Cowgirl BBQ came through. I devoured the shredded mesquite-smoked beef brisket simmered in sassy sauce on a soft gluten-free bun ($10.25). Filling, salty and sassy, this dish hit the spot.

Longing for tastes of the west but can’t afford the plane ticket? Get your fix at the Cowgirl in the West Village. They may not have gluten-free buns, but their chuckwagon chili and margaritas are legendary.

Cowgirl BBQ
319 S. Guadalupe St
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Cowgirl NYC
519 Hudson St
New York, NY 10014