FOOD: Jacob’s Pickles – Upper West Side


[Photo from Immaculate Infatuation]

The Upper West Side isn’t necessarily known for being a foodie paradise but if you should find yourself on Amsterdam Avenue up towards the 80s, do yourself a favor and check out Jacob’s Pickles on 84th.

With a menu filled of comfort food like biscuits, mac and cheese, and chicken and waffles this is the perfect spot for Fall to enjoy a few beers in a cozy atmosphere.  The food is heavy: beer, biscuits, and pickles, but when the weather gets colder there’s nothing better.

The first time I went to Jacob’s Pickles I ordered the mac and cheese (you know how I feel about my cheese) and the waiter warned me saying it was a very large order and that I should be aware.  I scoffed and said something like, “yeah, I’ll be fine but thanks.”  Thinking I had ordered the side order of mac and cheese I thought he was crazy.  But when our food came out the skillet was bigger than my head.  This was the biggest plate of mac and cheese I had ever seen–more than enough for four people to share.  And for $14 that’s not a bad deal!  I ate what I could and ended up having mac and cheese for the rest of the week–but it was absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

On my next Jacob’s Pickles encounter I tried the fish tacos.  It was summer and I didn’t want anything too filling or too hot.  And they were awesome.  It was a great summer dish, although like the rest of the menu, I was very full after having eaten the whole thing, but I would absolutely recommend them if you’re looking  for something a little lighter there.

Overall, my experiences at Jacob’s Pickles have been very positive.  The people are nice, the beer selection is extensive, and of course, the pickles are awesome.  The carrots are my favorite, but the beets are equally good as well.  So venture out uptown and try Jacob’s Pickles this Fall–you won’t be disappointed!  But make sure you come hungry!

Jacob’s Pickles
509 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10024