FOOD: Grand Opening of Davey’s Ice Cream [NYC]

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The East Village is known for its multitude of restaurants and global cuisine options. What had been missing, is a good, old-fashioned American ice cream parlor, that serves more than just your average ice cream scoop. Davey’s Ice Cream brings the style of the old-time sundae shops to First Avenue, and invites visitors in to try their homemade ice cream, made in store.

The all-wood counter stretches across the length of the store, and the blackboard behind it showcases the menu of rotating flavors along with coffee, tea and milkshakes that are part of their offering. The back of the shop houses their very own ice cream factory, where visitors can sit and watch the ice cream being made through the giant glass window. With the ice cream made freshly in-house, seasonal flavors are easily swapped in to create an ever-changing menu.
Working with locally owned businesses, Davey’s incorporates fresh ingredients to their atypical menu of ice cream flavors. The Sweet Corn caramel sundae, which is sweet corn ice cream drizzled with homemade sea salt caramel sauce, is already the fast seller for the store. Another out-of-the-box flavor is the Black Pepper sorbet, which is a watermelon sorbet with traces of pepper that that gives a kick when you least expect it. Additional flavors include the Strong Coffee, made with Birch coffee, Cookies and Cream, Roasted Pistachio and soon to be offered Spiced Pumpkin.
With all of the locally sourced ingredients used to make deliciously unusual flavors, Davey’s finds a way to update the sundae parlors of the past into something that East Villagers can wrap their hands around, one waffle cone at a time.
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source: Davey's Ice Cream Instagram

source: Davey’s Ice Cream Instagram


Davey’s Ice Cream
137 1st Avenue, East Village
New York, NY