FOOD: Dining Out(side) at Madison Square Eats

Sigmund's Pretzel flavors

In its second week, the biannual Madison Square Eats has settled into its home in the Flatiron District for the fall installment of the popular food festival. What’s exciting about the festival is that vendors truly put effort into the way they present not only their food, but their pop-up restaurants for their three week tenure in the park. Each evoke the atmosphere of the food they’re offering and show just how much effort the restaurateurs put into the event- The Hong Kong Street Cart blasts music to make you feel like you’re a part of the city it’s named after. Sigmund’s Pretzels’ has an old-fashioned push cart to showcase all of their pretzel flavors, along with a beer counter with wine and beer in celebration of Oktoberfest. Roberta’s brings out their mobile brick oven(that made an appearance at San Gennaro), and Calexico serves food out of their recognizable steel cart. Showmanship is not only part of Madison Square Eats, but it is also welcomed.

Roberta's pizza

The fest has so many cuisine options, that tasting dishes from multiple vendors makes for the best Madison Square Eats experience. One vendor that has made their first appearance is the famed Delaney Barbeque. After serving up delicious barbeque on the High Line all summer, their juicy pulled pork and brisket make their way over to Flatiron, but are incorporated into tacos to make for easy on-the-go eating. Further down the row from Delaney are the Arancini Bros. frying their giant rice balls to order. The extreme balls are filled with parmesan and rice, complemented by different sauces including marinara, pesto, squash and pine nut or taco beef. They even throw in a cinnamon sugar covered rice ball filled with nutella if you’re not too full for dessert.

Delaney Barbeque

Additional food offerings include grilled cheese at Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen, crepes at the Chelsea Market favorite Bar Suzette, barbeque from Mayhem and Stout along with The Mason Jar, meatballs at Slide and Sunday Gravy and a twist on the traditional hot dog at Asiadog. Whatever cuisine you may be in the mood for, you’ll be able to find it at Madison Square Eats.

With the buzz of opening week dying down and Shacktoberfest happening in the background, now might be the best time to take a stroll through the fest. You might just be able to snag one of those sought after tables and enjoy a glass of wine with New York’s best food offerings, right in the center of the big apple.

Madison Square Eats
September 27th-October 25th
Madison Square Park

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Roberta's brick oven