ART: Banksy’s NYC Residency Better Out Than In


No we didn’t just crawl out from under a rock to talk about this. We really wanted to wait and see what became of the work of the art ninja known as Banksy as well, whose mythical origins, though not confirmed, spring from somewhere in England, possibly Bristol. Of course his vandalism is vandalized, he creates public works accessible to everyone, and there are no uniformed white glove wearing guards, or velvet ropes to protect the work. It is not created for preservation beyond photography, and dinner conversations, and as subject on every art section of every blog all last week!

It’s Banksy month in NYC and you just need to do yourself a favor and not fight it, and simply ignore it if you can. There was even one graffiti source that did not want to get caught in the hype but still used his name to redirect you to other “realer” street and graffiti artists work they spent time covering. So while people wonder what will become of the pieces he is posting up through October, we will show you what he’s created thus far and what has become of some of these. We hope you’re able to catch some while they’re still up.

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Banksy gives life to type in this NYC inspired tag, followed by immediate cancellation by people who I wish were more creative. I actually read the top part in my accent, and the bottom in a British accent. I even thought the word bottom in the last sentence in British.

bt0hv6k2i2noex7olcgc Banksy art painted over New York

Within 24 hours the sign went missing and the piece was buffed over, showing only a ghost of the original. Some building owners by contrast are ripping off portions of their vandalized buildings to turn a profit – although Banksy will not authenticate these works, thereby keeping the value of the pieces in limbo.


Banksy adds the words “The Musical” to existing graffiti.


Another turn for his installation work, reminding us that art is so many things, is this installation of a garden in a grimy delivery truck. Art on these trucks are usually limited to throw ups and burners, and sometimes a graffiti advertisement for the company that owns the truck. In this piece Bambi, aka Banksy, delivers calm.


This piece has so many layers and possible explanations. My favorite being that graffiti is the territorial pissings of our “feral” youth.

There are stencils next to or incorporated into this and other pieces with the phone number 1(800)6564271 and the number of the artwork. When you call, or hear the message on Banksy’s website, you can hear an American person describe the work with lounge music as a backdrop, except when it overpowers the voice, occasionally making sense of the work and eventually descending into comedy and self depreciating statements about Banksy or the work itself.

If you want to keep up with the project you can see it on his only official social media out let Instagram, here, his website  here, or check back in with us in a week for our continued coverage.