STYLE: The Autumn Dress


With summer quickly slipping through our fingers, we may be finding ourselves struggling to hold on to our favorite summer pieces. The ever popular maxi dress has survived its third summer since its arrival onto the fashion scene, and with its effortless style and comfortable chic look, many consider this piece a summer essential. How will we enter the next season without it? Well, we don’t have to! An under the radar tip: long sleeve maxi dresses!

Though our summery maxi dresses will be put away inthe coming weeks, we don’t have to loose the concept of the comfortable chic dress. The long sleeve maxi dress is romantic and cozy, a perfect piece for the season.

Because autumn is all about layering, solid colored dresses would work best, making way for the introduction of chunky sweaters, plaid shirts, colorful scarves, denim vests, and all other pieces that make dressing for autumn the joy that it is. If you can get your hands on a floral printed maxi, you can pull a vintage 90’s look. These are versatile dresses, and you can have a lot of fun experimenting with different styles.
This style maxi is not sold in many stores, so get your hands on one before this catches on!