STYLE: Inspiration Corner- Subway Surfaces













New Yorkers are true hustlers,go getters, and just spend a lot of time commuting to where ever they have to make their next dollar. It’s incredible how much history and art there is underground. Next time you are waiting on the tracks, look around. You’d be surprised to how much you’ll see, other than the normal fat rat and polluted streams of water down the train lines. There is an incredible amount of inspiration that can be taken from the surfaces of the underground. There are many layers, fades, and colors that might not “match” but they coexist beautifully. Similarly in fashion, the subway surfaces, arguably, get better with time. For example, with denim, you may get different fade colors, location of fades, and as your jeans tear, it only creates a personal story. Take the following as inspiration for your next journey in putting your outfit together or designing your next fashion piece.