STYLE: Fall Pieces Everyone Brought Out Their Closet

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This past week might have felt like the official week of Fall. Early morning brisk walks to the train station, waiting in long lines for the addicting pumpkin flavored lattes, and everyone listening to Drake on their commute; the latter being absolutely irrelevant to the rest of the article, but completely true. All throughout NYC it was interesting to see majority of the people, men and women, wearing the same pieces for this transitional weather. It continues to prove that there are staple pieces in fashion that will not follow or move with trends (i.e. leather pants in the summer).

Here the three most frequently spotted pieces that people wore to begin their Fall season:














This past week, some of the Style team went thrifting and picked up some nice vintage sweaters. Some were Made in Italy and some had patterns clearly spotted on Screech from Saved by the Bell. But, you will be seeing these vintage sweaters the next couple weeks as people wear them over their chambray button ups or just alone and a bit oversized.



denim jacket 2










There are so many ways you can wear the denim jacket and its amazing because only gets better over time. Some people have denim jackets that are over 20 years old and some have raw selvedge japanese denim jackets that glow in the dark; it’s all fresh! This piece has been seen with olive greens, maroons, browns, reds, purples, and even 3M reflective material. The respect for denim from the overall public has grown, and consumers want to know more about denim, it’s great to see this piece used in so many different ways this Fall.














This piece was spotted in all forms; solid colors, hints of detail, and various types of camo. Both men and women were seen wearing this piece and it looked good on anyone. There are no rules to wearing this piece because in the end you are wearing a military jacket when you’re not even in the military, just waiting in line for your pumpkin spice latte.