MUSIC: Jojo feat. Casey Veggies – Anything (Remix)

JoJo’s career depresses me. She came out the gate singing unrepentantly R&B during the time where a bunch of teen bands *cough*N’Sync*cough* were pure pop and tried to front. Her debut album? Dope. Her sophomore album in 2006? Dope. Her next album? Non-existent. It’s not for lack of trying; she’s got tracks, guest appearances, and apparently a shitload of songs in the vault that she can’t release because of label drama. While Timberlake rightfully rides the wave of blue eyed soul with Thicke behind him, it be nice if there was a female counterpart to ride that same wave. Particularly one who’s been so great at it so long. Anyway, here’s an interview with a Miss Info at a show she did for Vitamin Water’s Uncapped series (which focuses on live shows in unusual places) along with a song with her by an on fire Casey Veggies from the Odd Future Camp.