MUSIC: Deerhunter – Back To The Middle

Deerhunter has been one of the best indie rock bands in the world for a few years now. Lead by the egnimatic Bradford Cox (who early in his career could have shown Gucci Mane a thing or two about an online meltdown).

Don’t believe me on how dope they are? Do a google search to anything they’ve dropped and run into an out pour of great reviews; putting out a bad album isn’t in their system. What makes them special isn’t their just their consistency, its that they’ve done it though several distinct style shifts. They’ve gone from being a snotty punk band, to avant-garde noise, to Phil Spector influenced shoe gaze. Now they are in their 70’s post punk phase in their latest album Monomania and their newest single, “Back To The Middle” is a good taste to how it sounds.