MUSIC: Clams Casino – Crystals

grand_theft_auto_5_gta_v_05Some of us at the Couchsessions have spent the past week doing some minor drugs, visiting strip clubs, and occasionally indulging in a stripper or three when we aren’t writing. That can only mean one thing: a new Grand Theft Auto game is out in the wild.

While people kind of harp on the series because they feel it makes psychopathic killers out of ten year olds if you dig deep the guys at Rockstar have a razor sharp ear and eye for whats popping in pop culture, which leads to great parody and some phenomenal soundtracks. Their latest, Grand Theft Auto 5, has new songs by Toro Y Moi, A$ap Rocky, Tyler The Creator and Waaves. Here Lil B and A$ap Rocky producer Clams Casino shares a track he’s provided as a soundtrack to future virtual drive by’s; Crystals which you can download here. Rest of the sound is available on itunes as of now.