LIVE: Mac Miller Celebrates Fader’s New Fashion Issue

It’s a new Fader issue and you know what that means…A NEW FADER SHOWCASE. This one was a bit unusual then most; bookended by some hick guitar pop by the way of Montreal representative Mac Demarco and indie rap star Mac Miller.

Mac Demarco’s trick is how he hides his songwriting under a layer of needless bullshit. He dresses like a down on his luck Nascar fan, burps and cracks jokes like a townie twisted off two dollar beers. Underneath that bullshit is a solid singer songwriter with good chops; his songs kind of ease into your brain like an unwanted crush. He tries his best to downplay it but he’s got that indie pop thing mastered down and it’s going to be fun to see where he takes his talents next.

Mac Miller is at an interesting stage in his career. Thrown into early superstardom with his senior in high school friendly raps he’s had a renaissance as of late. He’s been rapping (and holding his own) with hip-hop heavyweights like Meek Mills, Earl Sweatshirt, Schoolboy. His latest album, Movies With The Sound Off, has been his best reviewed yet.

The last time someone ‘grew up’ in hip-hop like Mac has been Lil Wayne and while it’s easy to forget what he accomplished now he’s a high and bored skateboarder-mumbling raps for a little while there he earned his best rapper alive self-anointed moniker.

Miller is not there yet but he’s trying: He prayed to the Based God by playing “Im God” right in the middle of his set, brought out a slim-fast version of Action Bronson to lip sync his verse guest and was generally in good spirits. He’s got great stage presence even in front of a ‘Impress us, motherfucker’ NYC tastemaker crowd.