FOOD: The Upper West Side’s Treat House


Rice Krispie treats make great desserts and with all of the interesting niche bakeries and places in NYC it was about time someone came up with the idea of a shop that makes just that, exclusively.  Enter Treat House.

Treat House is right on Amsterdam Avenue between 81st and 82nd–perfect for me as I live right nearby!–but even besides that it’s a great location.  When I went by yesterday, there were a ton of people out and about as usual and several stopped in to see what these treats were all about.

One treat is $2.25 or you can get 4 for $8 (or even more!), which is what I ended up doing.  It seems like a lot at first because the treats look a bit on the small side, but they are actually the perfect bite size dessert, although I would recommend getting more than one.


I chose salted pretzel, s’mores, mint chocolate, and birthday cake.  I love minty desserts so the mint chocolate was my favorite (it even had green edible glitter on it!) and the salted pretzel was also quite good.  The presentation of them really stood out and they were just as good to eat.

Bottom line: I would definitely go back, and would certainly bring these to a party or as a gift of some kind, but I’m not sure that besides that it would be my dessert of choice.  The space is pretty nice to sit in so maybe I could also see myself grabbing a coffee and a treat and getting some writing done!

Treat House
452 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY