FOOD: Social at Pittsburgh’s Bakery Square


Pittsburgh gets Social! This new restaurant installation at Pittsburgh’s Bakery Square has really got people talking. Some friends and I decided to give it a try to see what the hubbub was about. I mean who can resist a restaurant with grilled cheese and build your own ice cream sandwiches on the menu? Deciding to go with something simple, to get a decent gauge of the menu my crew and I decided to go pizza on this visit. The ingredients were fresh and the prices were really reasonable. The outside seating area was colorful and modern. They even had a beer pong table as if a large spacious bar wasn’t enough. The best part for me were the staff uniforms. Everyone except for the hostess’ work T’s that said “Social Worker.” This was particularly meaningful and hilarious because my friends are actual social workers. You can see how hard our hunky server Dan was working to serve us, *wink. Social has drink specials everyday which is almost like happy hour. For me someone, who might be the only person in America who detests the traditional mimosa, being able to order an Appleosa (apple mimosa) or cranmosa (cranberry mimosa) totally rocked!

Checkout some of the highlights below:


No Pittsburgh restaurant would be official without some kind of perogie something on the menu. For Social it was the perogie pizza; creamy fingerling potatoes in blue and yellow coupled with caramelized onions and aged cheddar. Traditionally this pizza comes loaded down with bacon (the best stuff on earth) but Melissa was a vegetarian, so this one was modified. Boo!


We also ordered their supreme and as you can see, about halfway through the pizza I decided someone, somewhere should know about this, because it was so good. I digress… we weren’t as adventurous as we could have been, but if you mess these things up then your restaurant is pretty much screwed. Don’t worry, Social did a pretty good job.


The idea of a build your own ice cream sandwich looked amazing on the menu however the delivery was a bit sub-par. When I think of this as an option I’m thinking varieties of cookies (they only had two) and some spreads like caramel and fudge (they had none) and maybe different flavors of ice cream (only one). I guess for me this wasn’t as adventurous as I would have hoped but it still tasted good.



In town check’m out Yinzers love to get Social!