FOOD: Queens Comfort – The Best Spot for Comfort Food This Fall

As temperatures drop and the air gets cool, we start longing for the comforts against cold weather – including what’s on our plates and in our cups! At Queens Comfort in Astoria, both the food and atmosphere are warm and – true to it’s name – comforting. Since opening in early 2011, Queens Comfort has transformed from a modest renovated restaurant space to a funky den of dime store toys and well-hung Christmas lights that could rival the hippest of diner hideaways in Brooklyn.

Queens Comfort 1

[View from the counter]

The Queens Comfort menu takes it cues from “southern comfort food” with a Louisiana touch. The  brunch, lunch and dinner menus are ever evolving, but you can always count on the much loved Disco Tots – tater tots smothered in sawmill gravy and thick cheddar cheese ($8), and the Atomic Fire Balls – deep fried mac & cheese with siracha and ranch dip ($7). On my visit, I indulged in what first sounds like a cringe-worthy dish – the Peanut Butter and Jelly and Bacon Burger ($12). Owner Donnie D’Alessio explained, this is actually a very popular dish down south. Not to miss out on a southern delicacy, I ate the burger and found myself wondering why I had never before thought to put peanut butter on my bacon! Or why I had never realized that jelly could be such a complimentary sweet glaze for a beef patty!

This cozy spot isn’t just for Astoria dwellers. No matter where you are in the city, Queens Comfort is worth a visit this fall.  The food is heavy, but it hits the spot and will without a doubt warm you up, and may even give you some adventurous ideas for your own culinary concoctions.

PBJ & Bacon Burger

[PBJ & Bacon Burger]

Queens Comfort
40-09 30th Ave
Astoria, NY
Cash-only and BYOB