FOOD: Lobster Rolls I’ve Known and Loved

Lobster Roll from Mary's Fish Camp (Yelp image)

Lobster Roll from Mary’s Fish Camp (Yelp image)

Let’s talk about lobster rolls.  Probably one of the best parts of summer for me is getting a lobster roll.  I don’t typically get them often because they can be quite pricey, but when I do, there is nothing better.  And now that Labor Day Weekend is upon us, it’s probably a good idea to get one this weekend!  Here are some lobster rolls I’ve known and loved around NYC:

Mary’s Fish Camp (West Village @ 64 Charles Street; Brooklyn @ 162 Fifth Ave)

I’ve only been to Mary’s Fish Camp but according to the website there is a Brooklyn Fish Camp as well, which is cool.  Mary’s Fish Camp is a very small restaurant in the West Village and when I went with my friend one night we had to wait a bit for a table (they do not take reservations so go early!) and once we sat down we were kind of on top of other people but it was definitely worth it and I would absolutely go back.  I would actually love to go back and try something else on the menu, but once I saw the lobster roll I had to get it.  And it turns out Mary’s lobster roll is one of my favorites.  There is a ton of lobster in there and the shoe string fries are a nice touch.  It’s listed as market price but I think I remember it being around $28.

Ditch Plains (Upper West @ 100 West 82nd; West Village @ 29 Bedford St.)

I have been to both locations and I definitely like the Upper West location better—it’s much bigger and has a really cool open vibe, but of course if you are downtown the West Village location is nice as well.  It’s just smaller so you may have to wait.  The lobster roll here is awesome—some mayo but not a ton and I got the French fries instead of the sweet potato chips and the fries were excellent.  All around a solid lobster roll.  Not my #1 favorite of the three, but very solid.  Here it will cost you $28, standard restaurant price I’d say.

Luke’s Lobster

Luke’s Lobster is all over the place—East Village, FiDi, Upper East, Upper West, Brooklyn, etc. so chances are there is one near you!  This is one of my favorite lobster rolls because of the lack of mayo.  Sounds crazy, but the buttery hot dog roll is just amazing and there’s no need for mayo.  Pretty affordable actually as well as far as lobster rolls go; $17 for the roll with chips and a soda ($20 to sub the soda for a beer!).  The locations are small but are perfect for taking out as well.