FOOD: Crescent Grill, a New Farm to Table Spot in LIC

Crescent Grill1There’s a new restaurant in the Dutch Kills neighborhood of Long Island City that boasts a farm-to-table focus. Crescent Grill, which opened in July, features a bar and lounge and a formal dining room with a gallery space dedicated to showcasing and selling the work of local artists.

The restaurant has a feeling of being “shiny and new”, but the polished feeling of the lounge transitions nicely to the dining room, which has a warehouse meets farmhouse feel. The dining room is an open space with earth tones and soft lighting that lets you feel relaxed and at home, instead of in a stuffy upscale restaurant. My first thought when entering the restaurant was, “Oh wow, can I afford this?” but in fact, Crescent Grill offers fine foods in a warm atmosphere and is friendly on your wallet.

We shared the Wild Boar Chop (grilled apple smoked bone-in center chop with figs and seasonal vegetables served on jalapeno cheddar grits -$24) and the New York Strip (cast iron seared Wagyu beef served with roasted garlic Yukon gold mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus -$30). The steak was full of flavor and cooked perfectly (medium rare, just how I like!). The pork chop was tender, but not as flavorful as the steak. The figs were perfectly ripe, and the jalapeno cheddar grits were savory with each bite and almost decadent. I would return to Crescent Grill for these grits alone!

The waitstaff at Crescent Grill were extremely welcoming, attentive, helpful and well-versed on the menu. When leaving the restaurant, co-owner Daniel Doughterty, who was also on his way out, introduced himself, and asked about our dining experience. He was very warm and genuinely interested in our feedback. He said he hoped the restaurant would continue to grow in the local community and said that many patrons had heard of the restaurant by word of mouth. He also explained that the restaurant hoped to soon have its liquor license.

While very close to several subways, the neighborhood surrounding the restaurant is very quiet and the spot misses out on new diners by way of foot traffic. But the restaurant is hoping to serve the area’s growing residents, along with visitors from the nearby hotels. The restaurant’s take on highlighting local ingredients and artists is unique for the area and should grow to be a neighborhood and borough favorite.

Crescent Grill
38-40 Crescent St
Long Island City, NY 11101