EVENTBRITE NYC BLOGGER TOUR: “The Secrets of Making Good Sausage” with Brooklyn Cured [Plus a Giveaway!]

You guys, it finally happened – the last stop on the Eventbrite NYC Blogger Tour 2.0!  I’m a little sad about it, but excited to tell you about this last one, and if you read through you’ll find a super exciting giveaway at the end…

First things first: I want to tell you guys about how I ate a whoooole lot of sausage the other night.  This past Monday, I swung by 61 Local for “The Secrets of Making Good Sausage,” a fresh sausage making basics class taught by Scott of Brooklyn Cured.  On the heels of my beginner cheesemaking class, I figured why not round the out the whole charcuterie plate and jump on making the meat, too?  My sausage making skills equal absolutely nothing (unless you count buying them, I’m a seasoned expert) so I was eager to see what we’d be up to.


The class was small, only seven of us, which was perfect on many levels.  After some sausage eating (we tasted the chicken and chorizo sausages, the ones we were going to make) we all took turns mixing the meat and seasonings with our gloved hands, churning out the meat from the sausage maker, and twisting them into links.  Additionally, less people = more sausages for us!  As you can see, no photos of the actual class because my hands were full of sausage guts for the majority of the time.

I won’t divulge too much information here, because after all, these are sausage “secrets” – but we learned the perfect lean-to-fat ratios for various meats, complimentary flavors, seasonings, and sources for sausage-making supplies.  Scott is awesome at explaining things in a non-complicated way and the class was totally laid-back.  Only catch is that we had to use one of those hand-cranked sausage forming machines to pump out all the sausages, which is something I am in no position to drop cash on anytime soon (hint: buy me one) but you can get an attachment for a stand mixer, if you have one of those.

If you want to take a hands-on food class where you actually learn things, and you’re not squeamish about stuffing animals into their own intestines (sorry) then Brooklyn Cured’s classes will do it for you.  Seriously, go take one, and then make me some sausages as a thank you.



So that’s it for the Eventbrite NYC Blogger Tour 2.0 – but if you’ve been following along with me this whole time, then you deserve a little something special.  SubCulture Dining is coming to NYC, and you have the chance to win a pair of tickets to the underground dining event of your choice with Chef Russell Jackson on October 9, 10, or 11!

To enter:
1. Follow @BriteNYC and @couchsessions on Twitter.
2. Tweet your heart out!  Tell us why you think you deserve to win and hashtag your tweet with #couchsessionsfood.  Tweet as many times as you want, give us as many reasons as you want, and you could be the winner.

We’ll announce the winners via Instagram and Twitter by next Wednesday, October 2nd.

Thanks for joining me on the Eventbrite NYC Blogger Tour, and good luck!


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