EVENT: Join The Couch Sessions on Eventbrite’s NYC Blogger Tour!


You already know that The Couch Sessions produces the best events…hello, Stay Gold anyone?  Well, we’re really good at attending events, too.  I’m proud to announce that throughout September, I’ll be attending a variety of food-centered events all over New York City as part of Eventbrite NYC’s Blogger Tour!

If you’re not already familiar with Eventbrite (which you should be, because it’s how you get your tickets for our events!) – it’s a platform that allows people to plan, promote, and sell tickets for their events.  Additionally, it’s a great way to discover all parties, classes, talks, concerts, anything, you name it – basically, anything fun in your area!

Join me on my culinary adventures as I’ll be blogging every event that I go to – some events I’m attending will include Taste Talks in Brooklyn, Hog Days of Summer in Greenpoint, a sausage making class with Brooklyn Cured, and more.  If you follow me closely enough, you might even get the chance to join me for an event!

I’ll be Instagramming and live tweeting along the way – at @leafaminiano and @couchsessions for both Instagram and Twitter – so make sure you come along on the virtual ride and follow the hashtag #foundoneventbrite.  Of course, if you happen to find yourself at any events I’ll be attending, feel free to hashtag #foundoneventbrite as well!  Get excited!


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