ART: NYC: What Up Dough, PIZZA TIME! Exhibit

The Marlborough Broome Street Gallery in NYC will present it’s first exhibition, PIZZA TIME! 25 pieces by artists including some serious heavy hitters like John Baldessari, Willem de Kooning, Oto Gillen, Claes Oldenburg, and many more, featuring the classic Neapolitan dish. What a delicious way to inaugurate a gallery!

Michelle Devereux’s Dude on Pizza #4 is a slice of humor and excess that reminds us how precarious too much fun is, and what that would possibly look like.


Untitled (Vanitas), is the classic still-life photograph by Oto Gillen in a modern take on the traditional Dutch Baroque style. The photograph depicts a metly square pepperoni pie framed by its ingredients, a candle, and lettuce.


This interactive piece by John Riepenhoff entitled Physical Pizza Networking Theory, which features pizzas on a pizza, was later eaten by attendees at the opening last week.


The exhibit runs through Oct 06 2013. You can find out more about it here.