ART: NYC: Collective Futures NYC Opening



Art and music, and their connection to the city. That is the idea behind Collective Futures NYC – a pop-up exhibition on October 4th, showcasing the works of artists Akiha Yamakami, Elliot Burford, Paul Windle and Kike Besada.

Throughout the day, the event will include music, soundscapes and culinary delights. Ramon Crespo, Fenbred, Dopeshoes and Nick Van Tiel will be setting the exhibition’s sonic tone, while Austrian-inspired food with a New York twist will be on offer from Der Kommissar.

Co-host Colectivo Futuro is a collaborative group of creatives, driven by Venezuelan globe-trotter and deejay Miguel Colmenares. Colmenares explained, “The whole idea is to bring what we do on the website into a physical setting.  We’re not aiming for a conceptual thing, but more of a social experience. We want people to stick around, hang out in the space and feel a connection to the event – to try the food, enjoy the music and enjoy the art.”

When it comes to organizing events, Colectivo Futuro has global reach. With its beginnings in Miami throwing rave parties with Detroit deejays, the collective hosted a successful exhibition in London last year and have teamed up with meta.matic to bring their winning combination to New York.  Collective Futures NYC is certainly one to check out.

Visit Collective Futures NYC on Oct 4, 2013, 7 – 11PM, 178 Delancey St., New York.

Here’s a sneak peek of the artists’ work that will be on view:

Akiha Yamakami is a Japanese artist, born in Nagano. Her main interest lies in creating three-dimensional works or what she also calls “soft sculptures” based on her abstract representations of the human body.


Paul Windle

Paul Windle is an award-winning, Texas-born illustrator. Humorous and clever interpretations of everyday life, his work is constantly found on some of the most prestigious publications.


Elliot Burford

Born in Adelaide, Elliott Burford’s commercial work in design and advertising builds on existing cultural trends, technologies and communication, while his personal projects playfully subvert those very things.


Kike Besada

Hailing from Vigo, Spain, Kike Besada works as a Senior Designer. His true passion lies in assembling unique pieces using discarded paper scraps and forgotten documents to form unin­tended graphic compositions.