STYLE: NoFoh – The Short Sleeve Button Up

NoFoh : no ‘ fooh – (adverb) 1. Not for the faint of heart. Syn: challenge

   A series of female fashion dares and double dares

capsule mens nyc 13

At this year’s Capsule New York Men’s trade show, new and well established brands alike displayed their Spring and Summer 2014 styles. Amongst the dozens of observable  trends spanning across the length of seven basketball courts, one in particular stood out – the ornate short sleeve button ups. All summer, we’ve seen men style up these dynamic shirts in forms ranging California- Cool to 50’s chic to Urban 80’s –  and we can expect to see more of them during next year’s warmer months. These gaudy-retro shirts are loud and bold, comfortable and playful – and I couldnt help but think of all the fun I’d have with a parrot-laden button up..

Historically, when it came to fashion, there had been a distinct line which the sexes dared not tread.But that’s where the fun lines – where power plays are neutralized. This style of men’s button ups resides in that space- how bout we meet the boys there?

Dare you to shop in the men’s button up section.

Double dare you not to turn it into a belly shirt.