STYLE: NoFoh – On Socks & Heels

NoFoh : no ‘ fooh – (adverb) 1. Not for the faint of heart. Syn: challenge

   A series of female fashion dares and double dares



The concept may invoke a flashback to Flashdance – but this style is no less modern. The union of socks and heels purveys a sense of ease and comfort, a nonchalance which the heel itself counteracts. Heels are not meant to be comfortable, but this style is an attempt to reclaim the comfort our overarched-overworked feet crave. This style is the happy medium between the “fashion first” and “comfort first” mantras. Its a fusing of contrasting concepts which adds another dimension to your overall ensemble. Jeans, dresses, shorts, and skirts – the sock-heel works well with any type bottom.


sockheel9                                                sockheel2