STYLE: NoFoh – Denim Overalls

NoFoh : no ‘ fooh – (adverb) 1. Not for the faint of heart. Syn: challenge

   A series of female fashion dares and double dares


With the arrival of August,  an uncomfortable sentiment starts to creep in: just a few more weeks of summer.

As we begin to mentally prepare for cooler days and nights, we can start introducing some fall staples back into our wardrobe- ever so gently.

We saw the full denim overalls creep back into the fashion scene, and while we may not have chosen to drape ourselves top-to-bottom in denim during 90 degree weather days- when the temp starts to drop – would you dare?

The overall can be dressed up or dressed down – sneakers or heels, crop tops or button ups – anything goes. Overalls generally do not flatter the female figure, so choosing to style it to make up for that or choosing to embrace the toy-boy vibe is the fun in working this denim piece.

 Dare: The Light Commitment 


overall swing

crop overall

Double Dare: Medium-level Commitment




Double Doggie Dare: Be like a pro 

badu overalls