REVIEW: Teisha Marie is “The Girl From Nowhere”


If we had to put Teisha Marie, the British-born American singer, into a box, it would be eclectic soul. Her latest album, The Girl From Nowhere, features cool harmonies, solid collaborations and a smorgasbord of slow and fast-paced tracks to choose from.  “This album is for the person who likes to put their iPod on shuffle,” Teisha states on her website. Pretty accurate considering the album features assorted tracks, ranging from soul to jazz and even a little club and house. Speaking of eclectic, the album cover provides a juxtaposed version of Teisha. On one side she has a glamorous look with straightened locks, and on the other she’s natural from hair to makeup. The glitzy side could easily represent half of the jazz and club-inspired songs on the album and the natural side, the soulful harmonies found on the rest of the tracks.

The collaborations stand out in “The Girl From Nowhere.” Teisha Marie and Snuhgie make an equally yoked pair on the duet “At This Time.” A live recording of “Enough” features Teisha with Deborah Bond and Ama- a talented trio to listen to accompanied by a great band. On “Strive” Teisha collaborates with soulful nerd Kenny Wesley to create a laid-back house track.

Like a walk in the park, every song on the album is an easy listen. “Desire (The Hidden Place)” is one of the sexier songs on the album and “Match My Words” has a great traditional soul element that comes natural to Teisha. A bossa nova version of Teisha comes out on “Fast Forward (Saturday)” where she pines for the weekend. She then offers an acapella ode to “The One” with the appropriately titled track, which touts a greater love than anything she’s ever seen or done.

There’s no climax in this album, nor are there any low-points. The rap that’s featured on the album, however, seems more disruptive than supportive. Besides that, perched on a level plateau, “The Girl From Nowhere” will indeed go somewhere, hopefully in your next ipod shuffle.