PHOTOGRAPHY: 180 Gigapixel Image of Tokyo


This image taken from the 20th floor of the Tokyo Tower is composed of 10,000 individual shots which put together creates an impressive panorama of the city. The shoot took two days to complete and was taken from the tower at four points on a viewing platform. Photographer Jeffrey Martin used a Canon 7D with a 400mm f/5.6 lens. In order to take all the photos, they used the Clauss Rodeon VR Head ST gigapixel rig. You can check the 180 gigapixel panoramic image of Tokyo here.

The current world record holder for these monster images is 360 Cities which created their panoramic image of London by stitching together 48,000 images for three months, with a whopping 320 gigapixels of data. 360 Cities photographers have held the record for these mega images several times.


We cant wait to see NYC, Paris, Rome, and all of the wonderful cities of the world this way.