NEWS: Gourmet Rice Krispies Treats, a $384,000 Burger, a 45-Page Water Menu, and More


[Photo from Gothamist]

It was bound to happen – gourmet Rice Krispies treats. (Gothamist)

A $384,000 burger made from cultured beef. (VICE)

Have scientists figured out how to make alcohol from coffee? (Grub Street NY)

This Philly pop-up coffee shop turns a vacant lot into a public gathering space. (

A 45-page water menu? (Eater)

Olive-oil infused cocktails! (Gothamist)

Teaching kids how to farm in the middle of Red Hook. (Brooklyn Based)

A look at 5 reasons to eat in Bay Ridge. (Brooklyn Exposed)

The difference between cheese in France and America. (