NEWS: Frozen S’mores, Wendy’s Prosciutto-Topped Burgers, Cronuts by Questlove, and More


[Photo from Serious Eats]

Dominique Ansel makes cronuts, with Questlove as his assistant. (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

The next big thing after cronuts? Frozen s’mores. (Serious Eats)

Hello, ramen burgers. (The Atlantic Wire)

So, in case you’re eating alone and don’t want to make eye contact with anyone, we bring you…”lonely seats.” (Daily Meal)

And in more of Japan’s recent food developments, the country’s Wendy’s chain rolls out their prosciutto topped burger. (Brand Eats)

Are the French falling out of love with bread? (New York Times)

Forget picking and choosing – this bear decides to take a whole Dumpster from a restaurant. (Grub Street)

The new dining guide Fashion Plates gives style tips, too. (Refinery29)

Rappers and cereal. (Rappers & Cereal)

‘Jerusalem’ is the newest popular cookbook that’s gaining fire – I can vouch for the deliciousness – make sure you check it out! (New York Times)

Need a professional to guide you around the best food along the East River?  Check out Urban Oyster’s foodie-centric tours. (Brooklyn Based)