Music: Stream The Dawn of Midi’s DYSNOMIA

At their core Dawn of Midi is definitely is a jazz band. The music is completely instrumental, lots of jazz licks particularly with the bass and the rhythmic play between the instruments building blocks of the songs. But the members of the bend are definitely students of modern music: beats are hard hitting and familiar to anyone who’s grown up around hip-hop or dance music (The geeky midi reference in their name is no accident). There’s a few buzz words you read when people try to use words to describe music; hypnotic is one of them. Dawn of Midi takes it to another level; don’t be surprised if you find yourself going to what feels like new passageways and places in your head while their beats slowly shift under you. It’s got the feel of a perfectly sequenced deep DJ set as opposed to an album proper, it’s world building imagination music. Listen below.