MUSIC: Lost Midas – Love Undone

1349219459_Lost Midas CollegeRoots

Los Angeles based producer, Lost Midas, will be releasing his EP Memory Flux on September 2nd and just dropped the video for his first single, “Love Undone”
It’s a dash of dream pop as far as the synthesized melodie is concerned with a heavy head nod factor normally associated with Brainfeeder artists (which is not surprising since Midas has a history as hip-hop drummer). It’s capped off with pretty ass R&B vocals from Taylor O’Donnell. This sounds like walking through daffodils with the one you love, right in the beginning of the stage where you don’t feel uncomfortable calling them whenever you think of them (pretty much all the time), but before you realize that they steal way too much of the sheets when you’re sleeping and that they chew funny.

You can take a listen/download the track here:

The video, on the other hand, is quite weird. Somehow he’s in love with a chick who’s who accidentally transformed into a hologram by being a bit too quick with the fingers on that virtual Ipad thingie that Tom Cruise had in Minority Report. Basically it’s your average music video.