MUSIC: Download The Underachievers – Lords Of Flatbush


Brooklyn rappers The Underachievers have released their new EP, Lords of Flatbush. Produced entirely by trap master Lex Luger (who’s since moved on from that style), it’s no doubt going to be more of what the group is known for: sharp lyrical techniques and surprisingly trippy subject matter. It’s like if Deepak Chopra grew up in the hood and wasn’t afraid to catch a few cases along the way. The Underachievers have a big following over at The Couchsessions and don’t be surprised if they make a guest appearance at a show we might be throwing in the near future *cough*.

Download the EP here. You can also watch them get their America’s Top Model on below in the visual lookbook for fashion line KidSuper which serves as a video for their older track, “Land of The Lords”.