MUSIC: Death Grips – Birds


After a crazy 2012 that had the band releasing two albums (one officially, one leaked in anger) along with publically feuding with, then dropped by, their record label the guys in Death Grips had a pretty quiet 2013 in comparison. They stayed in the public consciousness with people calling them an influence on Kanye West’s Yeezus, an album that mines a similar agro synth punk rap sound that’s been their calling since day one. They’ve also been periodically fucking with their fans by pulling planned no show pranks at major music festivals.

“Birds” is their only original release thus far in 2013 and it’s easily the weirdest thing they’ve put out. The core of the song is built around a pretty guitar riff that gets chopped up and distorted into something that is definitely not pretty. MC Ride mumbles through one of his insane rants but in a trippier mood than usual. It’s a difficult listen, but worth it, simply to hear what talented individuals put out when they clearly don’t give a fuck.