MUSIC: Cross My Heart and Hope To Die – Rollercoasting

Even though it’s about 20 years too late it’s no surprise that DJ Muggs has dipped his toes into trip-hop. One of the trademark producers of the murky hip-hop sound that ruled the early 90’s, his work in Cypress Hill was pretty amazing…for a minute there you could argue his work and Rza’s were pretty neck in neck until Rza got weirder (and hella prolific) and Cypress Hill got that mainstream money.

Here he’s in a band called Cross My Heart and Hope To Die. Rounded out by producer Andrew Kline and singer Brevi, it’s an eerie piece of music that sexy at the same time. The video is as creepy and what hasn’t changed in a DJ Muggs track is that it’s best appreciated in another mind-state. Enjoy.