MUSIC: Italians Do it Better – After Dark 2 Instrumentals


The Italians Do it Better record label has steadily pushed out dope slowed up disco tracks for going on ten years. It’s not as funky as lets say your Chick “Le Freak”, it’s not a modern dance/rock upgrade like LCD Soundsystem did with their version of disco. It’s the kind of disco where you are probably in a smokey cafe somewhere in Europe about to finish off a glass of wine then someone passes behind you. For a second you smell them, that cologne/perfume depending on your persuasion, you turn in your directon and they lay on the biggest ‘Come hither’ look you’ve ever seen.

That’s the kind of music this record label pumps out, and they just dropped instrumentals for their recent compilation, After Dark 2. Why? To let them tell it:

“Due To Popular Demand From Djs, Designers, Directors, Dancers, & Debutantes…
We’re Posting The Instrumental Version Of “AFTER DARK 2″ For Everyone To Cut Up For Their Mixtapes, Runways, Films, Stages, Parties, Etc…”

Download it here and check out this awesome track from one of their acts, the Chromatics.