MUSIC: A$AP Ferg and Danny Brown – Reynolds


There’s no way around it. As entertaining as his songs are at best A$AP Ferg mic skills are mediocre. Ferg’s biggest weapon is the fact that he’s followed the A$AP Rocky blueprint as far as borrowing from as many regional rap styles as he can. While Rocky genius is how well he’s mastered those styles (and his impeccable flow) Ferg relies on personality to power through his tracks; think of a more dusted out 2 Chainz.

In “Reynolds” a track probably found in a time capsule from 1992(hell, there’s even a Tommy Hilfiger reference), we find out what would happen Ferg tried to rap instead of swagging over tracks. Here he solidly holds his own on an old golden era hip hop beat and holds his own against Danny Brown rapping in his now normal state of insane. It was kept off Ferg’s debut album, Trap Lord, and it’s not hard figuring out why; his fans probably wouldn’t get what the fuck was he doing actually rapping.