LIVE: Meet MOTO X ft. Kaskade, M4SONIC & Thank You X

There’s no ignoring the genre of choice in today’s marketing & ad firms being EDM, and last week Google chose to leverage the genre’s popularity for its party in the Waterfront Tunnel celebrating the unveiling of their new ultra-customizable Moto X device.  Combining the ever important open bar with a live painting by LA street artist Thank You X & headlined with an impressive set by Progressive House veteran (and fellow Chicago native) Kaskade, the event brought out an equal amount of celebrities, NY socialites and members of the tech industry.

This phone is clearly a big deal for Google (the $12.5 billion kind of big deal) so to further stack the lineup for the night M4SONIC, the Ableton Launchpad aficionado kept the party lively with an effective set. Google is definitely attempting a play for top spot in the already claustrophobic mobile device scene with the Moto X, and if they’ve put as much effort into development as they have marketing, they’re at least on the right track.