LIVE: Maracatu New York live in…New York

Maracatu New York is a large musical collective formed by Scott Kettner to explore the styles of Maracatu and other Northern Brazilian musical styles. They don’t really limit themselves to that ball park; throw in a large amount of other rhythm and drum bass music from around the world (including a heavy dose of New Orleans brass) and you have an idea what to expect. They had their album release party recently in Brooklyn NY a stone throw from where they throw classes and workshops for aspiring drummers.

If you’ve never experienced that kind of live Brazilian percussion live, you’re missing out. It’s just extremely hypnotic with danceable, catchy beats. Maracatu NY kept the evening flowing with guests on stage including a New Orleans influenced brass section, and topped the evening off by playing the last song of the set in the crowd with an epic drum off. The crowd shimmied along, the two female vocalists they had on stage shared equal time pushing melody and rhythm with their voices, and the whole band (and audience) had a smile on their face the entire time.