LIVE: Bud Light Presents Sensation

The most ideal circumstance for an event producer is for a brand to support their vision and provide enough backing to produce an epic concert.  This past June, Bud Light showed its support for electronic music by producing a huge (and by huge I mean a 30,000 packed house) concert in Toronto titled Sensations.  Not only did Bud Light bring to Toronto world renowned DJs, but inside the venue, they also activated creative themed installations such as burlesque dancing jellyfish and laser shows.

What is Sensations? According to Bud Light,

Bud Light revolutionize(d) what it means to party in Canada by bringing Sensation to Canada for the first time ever. After more than 70 events for millions of visitors in over 20 countries, Bud Light presents Sensation made its Canadian debut in Toronto on June 1, 2013. The eight-hour experience took place at the Rogers Centre where an estimated 30,000 fans Light It Up in a way they’ve never done before.

The undersea-themed extravaganza ‘Ocean of White’ is the theme of Bud Light presents Sensation. The Ocean of White is a wondrous world of nocturnal sea life where flames shoot from the ceiling, acrobats rappel down from the roof, giant jellyfish hover above the dancefloor and carnival floats part the crowds. It’s an immersive experience unlike anything Canadians have experienced before.

Here’s a video of how Sensations popped off the concert. Truly epic!