LIVE: At the 5 Pointz Street Art Exhibit Space

5Ptz, easily the greatest living graffiti showcase in the world, along NYC concert monster threw a 40 years of hip-hop event. While we’ve never met a rap show we didn’t like at Couchsessions(even for the wrong reasons) what made this event worth of reporting was how two underexposed aspects of hip-hop, break dancing and graffiti, were the focus.

5Ptz has long been the mecca for graffiti artists who travel across the world to leave their mark on the ‘institute of higher burning’. A large cavernous warehouse overlooked by an overhead train in Long Island City, Queens it’s a of Beat Street era New York preserved Live had artists putting up new pieces live on the walls (and for the more adventurous types, on human bodies), while music blasted.

The highlight for me was the ‘You Got Served’ dance competition taking place. Up and coming breakers from across the globe (Kazakhstan in the house!) came to battle round robin style. Crews were represented on stage, faux slaps were thrown, and the most limber acrobatics took place on stage for the entertainment of the crowd and the respect of their critical peers on stage. Aspiring breakers, young and old, were spotted in the crowd working on foot slides and perfectly timed waist line shifts, soaking in the styles on stage and cheering on their favorite competitors.

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