LIVE: America’s Most Wanted Festival w/ Lil Wayne, T.I and 2 Chainz

When I heard that the name of Lil Wayne’s summer tour was “America’s Most Wanted”, I immediately thought about the TV show that highlighted wanted fugitives –then I laughed hardily and shrugged. Weezy accompanied by Atl’s 2 Chainz & T.I., the southern gentlemen took command of  Washington DC’s Verizon Center this past Friday.  2 Chainz held his own opening up the show, he breezed through “I’m Different”, “Birthday Song”, “Yuck” and the Pharrell produced “Feds Watching”.  Followed by T.I. who brought us back to the trap knocking out hit after hit.


After a brief intermission with W3 the Future, the newest additions to the YMCMB family –who was filming a portion of their video around various sections of the arena. While this was going on I ran into Special Ed –some of you might be thinking, WHO?? He was one of my favorite rappers from the late 90’s, but anyway back to the show. Finally, Lil Tunechi aka Weezy appeared clad in a Trayvon Martin t-shirt, after a rather interesting video intro, that kinda freaked me out a bit.  I give Wayne kuddos for having a built in skate ramp on the stage with a few good skateboarders rockin’ behind him while he performed. We ALL know that he tried to fit in EVERY damn song that he’s ever made into his set..So, be on the lookout for these three wanted men.