FOOD: Pork Belly, Wilted Swiss Chard, & Garden Fresh Tomato


Growing up in the Garden State, there’s nothing like a farm fresh tomato sans the GMO.  After making a zesty sauce for some lasagna, I had a few tomatoes leftover. I peaked in the fridge and saw some red Swiss chard from the CSA (community-supported agriculture) staring back at me.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, red Swiss chard is a bitter, leafy vegetable that has uber health benefits.  So I cut a few thicker pieces of pork belly from Three Little Pigs and threw them in the oven. I paired the bacon with wilted red Swiss chard, & red and yellow tomatoes for a mash-up of the quintessential summer sandwich, the BLT.


Retrograde by James Blake


Everything In Its Right Place by Radiohead

Forbidden Fruit by J. Cole