FOOD: At Egg, It’s All About the Egg(s)

We waited no more than 15 minutes on a Friday morning to be seated at the much-buzzed-about brunch spot in Williamsburg, Egg. We shared the Grafton Cheddar Omelet with broiled tomatoes and hashbrowns, the Duck Hash with potatoes, onions and fried eggs, and the High Hope farm scrapple. Each element of our plates, including the sides, had the perfect balance of butter and seasoning. The chef’s love for the food and ingredients was immediate with each bite. We sat in awe and in silence letting each spoonful speak for itself. Feeling full and satisfied, our plates were cleared, and while we waited for the check, I finally noticed the super-simple, bare-bones composition of the restaurant.

Egg is part the rise of the chef-driven restaurant and new kitchen culture that focuses exclusively on ingredients, with little fuss made on the actual interior of the restaurant. With its white concrete walls, folding chairs and folding tables, and understated wildflowers to serve as table centerpieces, the focus is all on the food at Egg. Chef and owner George Weld cultivates each plate’s ingredients at Goatfell Farm in Oak Hill, NY, about 2.5 hours north of Brooklyn. According to Egg’s website, Weld hopes to form an ecosystem between the farm and the restaurant, and is driven by a love of food and the ground it’s grown from.

Grafton Cheddar Omelet with broiled tomatoes, hashbrowns and scrapple

Grafton Cheddar Omelet with broiled tomatoes, hashbrowns and scrapple

As a bonus, Egg’s bathroom has to be the best-smelling bathroom in all of Williamsburg. The culprit of the sweet-smell, a candle, is sold at the restaurant, and just so happens to be made by the chef’s next door neighbor.

135 N 5th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211