EVENT: La Festa Italiana in Jersey City

This week through August 19 was the 110th annual Italian festival in Jersey City. From the fried zeppoles to the homemade peach wine, options are endless for any palate. As a gluten-free eater navigating the pasta and pizza stands, even I was not limited.  I got to chow down on a sampler plate from The Mozz Boss featuring sautéed broccoli rabe, spiced peppers and onions, boiled and sun dried tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella. Followed up with a shot of limoncello and sweet red wine, and I was good to go! And this wasn’t just any limoncello. This special concoction, a favorite of Danny DeVito’s, was homemade – thick and frothy, tasting like a lemon jelly bean melted down to a syrup and infused with alcohol.


Sample plate from the Mozz Boss!

Also featured under the red, white and green garlanded streets were stacks of Italian sausages, alongside fried peppers and onions on thick Italian rolls. Take my advice and get out there with the “bridge and tunnel” folk for some real Italian food that will have you fist-pumping in no time.

Missed the fest but still want in on the meat and pasta action in Jersey? Be sure to check out the Italian Festival happening in Hoboken September 5 – 8. Here’s more info!

Holy Rosary Church
344 Sixth Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302