DRINK REVIEW: Le Merle Saison by North Coast Brewing Company



Appearance:  A cloudy, golden hue.  Due to heavy carbonation, the decent sized head quickly disappears.

Smell:  A citrus, herbal nose with subtle hints of caramel and pepper.

Taste:  It tastes exactly how it smells.  When it initially hits the palate, the lemon and grass notes shine through. The malt slowly creeps up and the aftertaste is purely what you expect of a Belgian golden ale.

Mouthfeel:  A little heavier than I expected, the carbonation lightens the body of this brew.

Overall:  Perfect to enjoy on a nice summer night.  Not as tart as most saisons, it would pair well with a light meal with a little kick.  Enough carbonation to double as a champagne for beer enthusiasts.