DRINK: Last Sips of Summer — Watermelon Wheat Beer


As we say goodbye to summer, there is one summer drink I’d like to mention before it’s too late!

I am a huge fan of beer in general but over the summer I’ve had this beer on two separate occasions and I wish I had it more often!  Watermelon Wheat beer.  I love wheat beer in general—it’s kind of my beer of choice and while watermelon seems like an odd flavor for a beer but it’s totally refreshing and is perfect for a hot summer day.

The specific one I had was from the 21st Amendment Brewery called Hell or High Watermelon.  I first had it at Randolph Beer in Little Italy, where they had it on draft.  Unfortunately I don’t think they still have it on draft but I would definitely recommend checking out Randolph Beer for happy hour if you consider yourself a beer connoisseur.  Their selection is great and since the beers tend to get on the more expensive side, take advantage of the happy hour from 5-7 and everything on draft is half off!  This isn’t a destination I would go to spend the entire night, but it’s worth starting here for sure.

The second time I had Hell or High Watermelon was in Montauk where we were able to find it in cans.  Still great, and was the perfect beach beer.  Try and find some Watermelon Wheat before it’s all Pumpkin Ale!

Randolph Beer
343 Broome St
(between Bowery & Elizabeth St)
New York, NY 10013