DESIGN: Tile Tracker, Never Loose Your Stuff or Mind


Remember the whistle key finders from the [if you’re ancient] 80’s? Tile‘s new tracking device is that / meets the Terminator. For those of you who can’t whistle and have a hard time keeping your stuff where you can always find it, here is the device for you. The device is small, simply designed, and of course works with an app. With your iPhone/iPad(no droid support currently), you can see how far away you are from the object with a tile hooked up to it, or command the Tile to ring.

For such a little square, the device and app are packed with features. First, there are no batteries to replace. The company alerts you when it’s time to replace your tile to send in to them for recycling, and sends you a new unit. You can connect as many as ten devices to one account because my keys aren’t the only things I misplace from time to time. Tile is connected to a community of users that can assist you find your lost item and connects you to any users in proximity of it. If that’s to space agey for you, you can also just share your Tile info with trusted friends and family.

You can pre-purchase a Tile device for 18.95 through their site here. They originally had a Kickstarter type campaign to raise $20,000, which has now raised well over $2.5 million.

Now if I could also remember where I put my phone all the time, this process would be seamless.